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At Eastern corner of the Europe is situated Bulgaria – a small country, lying between the western coast of the Black sea and the biggest European river – Danube. Bulgarian kingdom was founded in 681 c. A.D. and inherited the ancient cultures of the Byzantium and Roman empire, the Thracians and the prehistoric civilizations back in time to the 6 millennium B.C. Nowadays in Bulgaria are situated four town listed between the oldest cities in Europe: Plovdiv (6000 BC), Varna (585 BC – 570 BC), Stara Zagora (342 BC) and the modern capital of Bulgaria – Sofia (4th century BC).

With a territory of 111,000 square kilometers and population of 7 million, Bulgaria holds more than 200 museums and about 100 000 archaeological sites. Here can be seen preserved ancient cities, medieval fortresses and historical places. With its 8 000 years history Bulgaria keeps evidences for almost all periods known in Europe. Is there a better place to studying Archaeology?

This program will guide the students and the volunteers through different periods and places. Within 14 days we will visit 16 towns and 34 open air monuments, archaeological sites and museums. In addition our participants will enjoy the beautiful nature, excellent food and the famous Bulgarian hospitality.